Craig Wen

My Personal Projects

Women's March Posters

DOME wanted to quickly distribute simple posters that could be easily printed and used at Women's Marches around the world. Through an effective social media compaign, the posters were downloaded by the thousands, and seen across the world.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SEO, content strategy


Said Trump

Eager to contribute to the 2016 presidential election, I created this site that shows a random Donald Trump quote on click.

Skills: Content strategy, design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery



This one-page site for an early music choir features an HTML5 audio player to listen to samples.

Skills: Custom Wordpress theme, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


Lynn Kiang Design

Lynn is a graphic designer who wanted to update her website. Based on her designs, I used the Foundation framework to create a responsive website that shows off her work on screens of all sizes.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Foundation, content strategy


Harvard School of Public Health

I was brought onboard to design brochures to summarize and publicize the great work of three major AIDS treatment programs in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to designing the layout and typography, I also created communication graphics and edited the copy. PDFs available upon request.

Skills: Content strategy, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

GBCHealth Conference

GBCHealth is an international non-profit devoted to mobilizing private businesses engage in public health. I was hired to manage the site for their annual fundraiser, continuously adding content through clear communication with the event team.

Skills: Content strategy, HTML, CSS3, Javascript


Celene & Phil Wedding

The happy couple wanted a fun website with a unique layout, with content that slid around as the user navigated the site. Using jQuery and a single HTML page, I created a website that was indicative of the couple's attitude, and promised a special wedding celebration.

Skills: Content strategy, CSS3, jQuery, HTML, Photoshop



I've worked on websites in a number of roles including content strategist, UX, designer, and writer/editor. These are just a selection of projects I've done on the side. For more info on my professional work, visit my LinkedIn profile.

I also pursue a variety of interests beyond websites. I have a Masters degree in Health Communication, and have worked as both a writer and database manager for the Harvard School of Public Health. Fun fact: I worked as an autopsy assistant in one of my first jobs, which always makes for great small-talk. For more information, view my resume.

In my spare time, I play the electric guitar, read books, and enjoy video games (games are art!).


  • Sublime Text: A feature-rich-yet-speedy editor.
  • Firebug: The catch-all debug tool.
  • Classic Color Meter: Couldn't live without the Color Meter after Apple removed it in Mountain Lion.
  • Adobe Creative Suite: All the slicing and dicing happens here.
  • Git: Essential for working on multiple computers, staging, and branching.